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Why donate to Nordic Safari Club
– what’s in it for you?


When you donate to Nordic Safari Club, you will get a lot of exposure in the Nordic countries, and to all the hunters following us internationally.

An example:
You donate a hunting trip with accommodation and a number of animals. Typically, the client will:

  • Buy additional animals
  • Bring paying friends or family members
  • Return to your company after a good experience
  • Become your future ambassador
  • Recommend your services on the website of NSC
  • Pay for their own drinks
  • Pay for transit to airport
  • Leave a tip

As a donor you will be mentioned on the NSC website and receive an add in our magazine.

Members will be referred to our donors when they as the club for recommendations.

A donation for NSC is good value for money. Our members are the most active travelling hunters in the Nordic countries.

Contact Nordisk Safari Klub at and hear about your options.


Contact Jens Ulrik Høgh 
Telefon: + 45 2092 4027

 Facebook: Nordic Safari Club – Conservation