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Our mission is to stand up for sustainable hunting by explaining it to non-hunters all over the world. We try to be as proactive as possible but naturally we also take action when hunting is under attack.

Nordic Safari Club has hired Jens Ulrik Høgh as Communications officer on behalf of hunters worldwide and we therefore need your support!

We need your support,
make a donation of USD 35

We need your support!
Hunting leads to conservation – but only if we are allowed to keep doing what we do in the future. Let us fight together to support wildlife conservation through sustainable hunting by explaining to the non-hunters exactly what we do. We have the facts on our side, but they need to be communicated. That is what we do. Support our work!

Nordic Safari Club has a special membership for people who mainly want to support our international communication efforts. We call it a Conservation Membership and the annual membership fee is USD 35 – and it all goes to fund Nordic Safari Club – Communication.

As a conservation member of Nordic Safari Club, you will receive newsletter and other information about our work for conservation and communication.

Nordic Safari Club
Nordic Safari Club (NSC) is a Scandinavian organization founded in Denmark in 1972. It presently represents around 2500 members mainly in Scandinavia. In August 2019 NSC started Nordic Safari Club – Communication. Our mission is to communicate the consequences of sustainable hunting to the non-hunting part of the population.

We aim to reach as many non-hunters – including politicians and journalists – as possible with facts about sustainable consumptive use of natural wildlife resources and its positive consequences for nature conservation, the environment, local employment, and food production.

We want to create untraditional methods
We try to focus on the positive aspects of hunting through unorthodox yet fact-based campaigns aiming to take the initiative on the debate and challenge the apparent lack of practical solutions on the anti-hunting side. Asking the anti-hunters to buy a problem rhino or ten surplus giraffes for relocation are good examples of such campaigns. We will continue to pursue untraditional methods to create public attention to our cause and take the initiative to as much fact-based debate as we can.

We operate worldwide using different channels of communication and different approaches from case to case. We mainly work in English but are happy to supply content for translation to any other language.