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TROFÆ Safari Magazine

Trofae (Trophy) is the Safari Magazine published by Nordic Safari Club (Nordisk Safari Klub). Our target group is Scandinavian hunters with a special interest in hunting abroad. They represent an attractive group with a strong purchasing power. Trofae is published 6 times per year. Each issue contains exciting reports of all types of game hunting from all over the world. We cover the latest news regarding international hunting travel and other relevant information for hunters of big game. Furthermore, Trofae provides updates on changes in game legislation and adjustments to the international legislation. Trofae also features Scandinavian hunters and hunting agencies.

Trofae is a professionally driven magazine with an editorial office staffed with experts and experienced hunters. They test new hunting destinations, travel- and transport possibilities, weapons, ammunition, optics, clothing and other equipment for hunting abroad.

Freya Askjær
Telefon +45 31451124     

Laila og Kim Holmgaard
Tlf. +45 70227092

Technical info
Printing method: Sheetfed offset cmyk
Paper: 130 g Multiart Gloss (coated glossy paper)
Screen: 200 lines/inch

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